Have you seen on Facebook, where a person’s name or business is highlighted or “tagged.” How users are doing this is when you are┬ámaking┬ástatus or making a comment you can put the @and than the person’s name or business. An example is shown below

One of the great ways for you to apply this to your business is by refering people you are doing business with. If you are a realtor and you use a certain company as a mortgage broker you could send a thank you with the company named tagged in it so that other people can see what a great job they did as well as click the link to their Facebook page. To be able to tag a person you do have to be friends with them and to tag a business you do have to like their business page.

Liking the businesses that you trust and would refer is great free advertisement. When KC had our recent hail storm many people tagged their favorite roofer in a status, if anyone was in need of that service all they had to do was click the link in the status which would take them directly to their Facebook page. I would encourage everyone to Like as many businesses as they can to get free products, information and deals. But also it’s a great tool to help share businesses with friends and family.

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