What Are the Best Email Marketing Practices?

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Email marketing has become an instrumental tool for small and large businesses everywhere. Getting customers to sign up is easy. However, if you don’t want consumers pressing the dreaded “Unsubscribe” button, you will need to employ some basic email marketing practices. What works best? While many of the answers to this question are greatly speculatory, there are some general guidelines that help guide your email marketing efforts in the right direction. Unsure which direction you want to be headed? Let’s just say it is the one where the leads are.

Email Marketing Guidelines Every Business Owner Should Know:

Aesthetically Pleasing

Like any other piece of marketing content — think website, brochure, advertisement — your email marketing should be visually appealing. Instead of focusing on how you can grab your audience’s attention through flashing lights and gimmicky texts, focus on creating a clean, simple template that allows your audience to easily identify important information. Remember, if they have already opened the email, you already have their attention — there is no reason to send them running after opening a marketing email that looks like a carnival flyer on steroids.

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Establish Authority

In addition to having a clean template design, your email marketing literature needs to establish authority. How can this be done? Well, there are a couple ways. For starters, a company logo and/or slogan should be showcased. The logic is simple: It provides a more professional and polished look. Think of it as that wrapping paper on a present. Its decorative, but ties everything together.

Next, create a call to action (CTA) that is custom tailored to each email marketing campaign. Whatever you want your customer to do — whether it’s buying shoes or signing up for monthly services — needs to be clearly laid out in your CTA. Once this is ironed out, place your CTA somewhere prominent. As a rule of thumb: Readers should not have to scroll down to read your CTA.  If they do, they may lose interest altogether.

Extend a Compelling Invitation

When it comes to email marketing, your subject line is your one shot to draw your audience in before they cast your email aside in the spam or trash folder. The takeaway? Make. It. Count. If your marketing campaign revolves around a new special, that should be reflected in the subject line of your email. A good subject line is like good bait, so it is up to you how many fish you catch.

Email Marketing With a Bite

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