Don’t Kid Around With Social Media For Your Business

Social media can sometimes be a cringe inducing or eye-rolling term for small business owners. They know they need to be involved; having a social media presence is essential. Not having one is sort of like when my grandma refused to get a microwave because of “the rays”. It’s not a fad or a business tool that you can ignore. We’re sorry to tell you but social media is here to stay. And like a Kardashian it can’t be avoided.

The inclination may be to turn your social media efforts over to the youngest person on your staff, an intern or the son of your accountant. Do not do this. Unless any of the aforementioned whippersnappers is a trained social media professional you may be handing the keys to the store over to someone who just Tweeted about farting in church.

Social media is serious business because it’s your business. You can’t expect someone who just arrived in the office to know and embrace your goals and expectations anymore than you could walk into a hospital and perform surgery.

This isn’t to say a 22-year-old employee couldn’t do a decent job if properly trained and monitored. They’re undoubtedly familiar with the social media space because they grew up with it.  I recently spoke with a new college grad who told me that she used to pinch songs off of Napster in the fifth grade. Fifth freakin’ grade.

So while it’s tempting to just hand the reigns over to someone who spends most of their time in and out of social networks and just expect them to manage it consider a few things before you do:

The youngest person on your team doesn’t have business experience. This isn’t their fault; they’re here to learn this from you. Don’t expect them to know your industry just because they majored in it.

You are asking them to brand your company. Does this person know how you want to position yourself in the market? Are they working hand and hand with your  marketing person or advertising agency? Traditional marketing and social media outreach needs to be a coordinated effort otherwise you’re sending mixed messages.

Social media is as much about listening as it is about delivering content. If your social media manager hasn’t grasped the concept of listening than all the tech savvy in the universe won’t help your marketing efforts.

Social media isn’t just about funny videos, BRBs, BTWs or IMHOs. If your customers aren’t 22 they aren’t going to understand the lingo or point of view of someone who is. Your message should be aimed at your customers or soon to be customers so your social media manager should know the “voice” you want to speak in.

Managing your social media efforts, profiles, outreach and content is a big responsibility and handing it over to someone simply because they were born in the 80s isn’t good for business and it isn’t fair to the employee. It needs to be someone who knows your business plan and how to handle social media in a way that promotes your business, draws customers in, and can handle managing your brand. They will be in charge of your web visibility and it only takes one mistake to create a social media #^&*storm, even by so-called “professionals”.  So don’t hand this over to just anyone. Twenty-two or fifty-two.

If you want to manage your social media efforts in-house Turn The Page Online Marketing offers training services so your social media manager is thoroughly fit to manage all of your interactive outreach. From Facebook and Twitter to SEO and analytics we can ramp up your staff to handle it all. We can even train your grandma to become a social media ninja if only she agrees not to knit a Macbook cozy.

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