Does Google + Your Small Business = Revenue?

As you contemplate your social media game plan for your small business you’ll need to begin to include Google+. Google is now claiming membership of 90 million humans and while the popular belief is that 89 million of them are Google employees it’s becoming apparent that the active membership is growing slowly but surely. And with Google’s recently unveiled Search Plus Your World search feature that incorporates the Plus population into search results it only makes sense to include yourself.  And the benefit of a still-growing population means you may actually get a gradual uptick in new business that’s much more manageable than a huge influx that you simply can’t manage.

So without delving too deeply into the world of search there are simple ways to use what I’ll just call Plus (I’m tired of writing the word Google) here are a few suggestions.

  • First off get your Plus page set up for your business as well as a personal page. Make your profiles as robust as you can, including your business name as often as possible. Make sure you choose the Public option so your posts will be searchable and visible.
  • Post regularly on both. “Looking for a great heating and cooling company in south Kansas City? The Plumber Guy is here for you!” You’ve included your business category, your location and your name and it was pretty darn painless! Don’t flood your posts with this sort too often or you’ll be shunned from the Plus community and have to move away.
  • Offer comments that also include timely advice: “Fall is the time to fertilize your lawn but wait for a predicted rain to really soak it in.” You don’t have to include your biz name this time, it’ll show that it came from you.  Offering advice is a great way to be seen in a favorable light.
  • If you have a blog on your business website post the link and a short summary every time you post a new one. Offering subject matter expertise while also directing traffic to your site is a double hit.  Remember that a business blog is meant to inform, educate and entertain.
  • Be brave and post some video. A good video can be made on your iPhone or Android and doesn’t need to be Lawrence of Arabia.  Be friendly, offer advice, do a product demo or if you can corral a happy customer bribe them with treats (I can be had for Reese’s) to appear even for just a minute to give a testimonial. You might even show a before and after project, perhaps you’re a remodeler, and you don’t even need to be in the video.

All of this effort is searchable and as Google+ is a child of Google you’ll do yourself a favor by being even more searchable to potential customers. It’s certainly not the small business answer that they claim it to be but it’s very, very plausible that it will be. So be prepared and then you can gloat at your business networking meeting that you’ve been on it since the old days of 2012.

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