Do Tweets Impact Business Decision Makers?

Businesses have captured Twitter’s power and used it to reach the consumer. Thousands of consumers are influenced by marketing efforts using tweets. But how does the modern B2B marketer use Twitter to influence business decision makers?

Compete and Twitter Advertising recently set out to answer this question. The results of their study show that B2B tweets drive site traffic, increase brand search, and influence conversion.

The Method

The researchers observed over 6,000 U.S. internet users and watched their site visitation habits to more than 400 B2B tech sites. The test group consisted of people who saw at least one tweet from a B2B tech company, while the two control groups included average internet users and those who did not see any B2B tech tweets.

The Results

Twitter users who see B2B tech tweets are more likely to visit the sites of those brands, search those brands, and complete sign up on those sites. For all three categories, twitter users who saw the B2B tech tweets engaged with the brands more than the average internet user.

The Impact

This is significant evidence for the effectiveness of B2B Twitter marketing efforts. Business decision makers are actively using Twitter to learn about brands, products, and services. They have important decisions to make, and twitter is one tool they use to make research easier.

Tweets can drive people to a brand’s site, but they can also influence users to convert; and in the end, isn’t that our goal? Tweets can drive B2B consumers to conversion, which leads to sales, proving the importance of twitter in the B2B world.

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