Could SMS/MMS Be the Next Great Ad Platform?

By February 12, 2018Ecommerce
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Attentive is an eight-month-old platform that has already done more than your eight-month-old niece. Sorry, but all she does is drool and roll; so far Attentive has deployed a few dozen successful campaigns for client such as Bliss, Barbell Apparell, and more. The company has just announced the platform officially (as well as their $13 million in Series A funding.)

How Attentive Works

The platform is targeted to e-commerce and retail brands. It supports SMS and MMS messages for targeted promotions, retargeting, customer service, transactions (like, purchases made via text messaging) and retention. The messaging is permission-based, and can include text, links, gifs, videos, or a template survey. Replies made by customers can be pushed through to a customer service platform, Kustomer or Zendesk, to continue interaction. You can even create a message to go out based on behavior like cart abandonment or browsing data and previous mobile purchases that will trigger reminders to reorder or try a related product.

How is Attentive Unique?

The big difference between other SMS/MMS messaging platforms is Attentive’s patent-pending two-tap opt-in text. This means that when a promotion on a brand’s mobile website can be deep-linked to the SMS text-messaging app, where a signup is pre-filled.

So, if a retailer’s mobile website has a promo, the user could click the promo and receive texts about sales. By clicking the promo, the user will be taken to their phone’s SMS messaging app, where the sign-up is already pre-filled. All the user has to do is click send and they’re signed up. This process takes about thirty seconds (depending on phone/data/wifi speeds).

Higher Open Rates

Think about how often we leave emails unopened. Now, think about how often we leave texts unread–not too often. SMS/MMS messages are quicker and easier for users to open and glance at. So far, the platform boasts a 99 percent open-rate. Pretty impressive, but we’ll wait to see how they’re doing at twelve months.

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