Content marketing, the latest buzzword for doing business on the interwebs can be a simple concept if you let it. It means delivering relevant, informative, entertaining and compelling stuff on your website and any outgoing/incoming interaction on the social media sites.

For content marketing to succeed you need to remember a few things. Ok, thirteen things. Undoubtedly there are more but this is a good basic list to go by.

Be good at what you do, make, sell or service-no amount of social media, viral videos or Justin Bieber tweets can save you if you aren’t.

Share your insight-chances are your customer may not understand the depth of what you do or sell. So tell them. Avoid hyperbole, you probably aren’t “the greatest electrician of all time” That was Thomas Edison.

Share information-if you sell HVAC units throw out tips on energy efficiency. If you sell houses post design ideas. Sharing information builds trust.

Don’t over promote-nobody likes the conceited girl.

Be consistent-post stuff regularly and often. Very regularly and very often. Blog at least once a week.

Be fun-what you put out on social media doesn’t always have to be about you or what you do. Post a funny every day. Making people laugh makes them like you. Getting shared makes people buy from you. Look into anything George Takei posts on Facebook.

Offer a value-have the occasional social media promotion. Tweet a 25% off special just for your Twitter or Facebook followers. Make it last for two hours or give a big discount to the first person to call or stop by. Don’t do a measly 5% or free pen nonsense. Saving $4.50 on a $100 pair of shoes won’t get ‘em in.

Offer yourself-don’t hide. Let your customers, followers or anyone who sees your outgoing messages get to know you. If you see a comment on Facebook answer it and let them know who you are.

Answer posts-like I said, let them know who you are. Go beyond just “thank you”.  Use their name or add a tidbit. If it’s negative definitely answer it. Some people just want to hear, “I’m sorry you weren’t happy, I will have our chef executed immediately.” Or maybe just the sorry part. Make good as best you can.

Start a dialogueDon’t just post static stuff. Post with a question, ask for an opinion, even ask for advice. People love to interact and they love to help out. Think of it as the conversations you’ve had with your customers in person. If you sell shoes ask for pics of feet wearing your shoes. That isn’t as creepy as it sounds.

Multi-platform-Get to know Hootsuite or any other app that lets you post once and spread the love. It’s a great timesaver.

Cross-promote-Are you a locally owned ice cream shop? Get with the locally owned burger joint and cross promote a special. You’ll connect with other small businesses and that’s a great way to open the door to social media support.

And pictures, don’t forget the pictures.

Good content outweighs the hard sell these days. So pass along good information, good news and good advice and you’ll see the results.

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