Why Does Your Company Need a Business Blog?

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Whether your business is flourishing or it is stagnant, the integration of a business blog on your company website could work wonders. Many business owners have the misconception that blogging is just marketing fluff that is a waste of time and company money. Sorry, business owners, but you have it all wrong. A business blog can be one of your company’s biggest assets. Need some convincing? We have the details here, so take heed.

The Scoop on Your Business Blog:

SEO Power

We have said it before and we will say it again: Your online business is only as good as its Internet traffic. In a world where the Internet dominates sales leads and brand reputation, your ability to be discovered is key to your business’ success. A simple way to get discovered? You guessed it, a business blog. Packing your business blog with powerful SEO keywords helps drive your audience back to your company website, where they learn more about your services and/or products offered. Search engines are predictable in the sense that they re-crawl websites that have regularly updated content. The way it works is simple: The more content you create for your business blog, the more traffic your website — and ultimately business — will get.



Another perk of creating a business blog? Integrating a business blog on your website is an excellent way for your to position your business as an industry leader. How is this done? Writing quality content about industry changes, policies, and technology enables you to set yourself apart from the competition. Like search engines, consumer habits are calculated. Customers want to buy from businesses they trust; it is as simple as that. With that said, a business blog that showcases in-depth knowledge about your industry is one of the easiest ways to put potential and returning customers at ease. This reassures them that you do in fact know the ins and outs of the products and services your business provides.

Open Communication

Any good business blog opens the door for two-way communication, between your business and potential customers. Being on the Internet does not mean you cannot be personable and engaging with your audience. By writing with the right tone and about interesting concepts, you can instill interest and the desire to learn more in your audience. The rule of thumb? When your audience does respond — positively or negatively — to your business blog, be sure to reply. Someone praise your business and blog-writing skills? Great, show some love and say thanks. Get less than a ringing review? Think of your business blog as a brand management platform. It is your chance to clear the air or just take a positive yet understanding stance on a statement or an issue.

How We Can Help

With so much to gain and so little to lose, a business blog is an absolute must. If you think your company could benefit from the inclusion of one but you lack the time or skills to keep a business blog regularly updated, we can help. Whether you need assistance setting up a business blog, integrating one in your website, or creating quality content, our online marketing team can help! Contact Turn The Page Online Marketing to learn more about business blog tools and resources.

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