Blogging And Why You Should Do It

Blog, blog, blog, blog. As a small business owner you’re probably hearing blah, blah, blah, blah, right? You’ve been told you should have a blog on your website but dammit, Jim, you’re a plumber, not a writer! And why do I need a blob or blog or whatever anyway?

I’ll tell you why: because you want people to hire you, buy your products, eat your food, engage your services and refer you to friends. That’s why.

Small businesses that are smart enough to have a blog with ongoing content are get 55% more web traffic. Blogs are a way to maximize their SEO (search engine optimization) by capturing keywords and also by having timely and thoughtful content. With Google constantly modifying their search algorithm, it’s important that your content be fresh, constantly updated and relevant to your audience. And that’s what a blog does.

Businesses that blog get 55 percent more Web traffic.

The great thing about a blog is that it’s in the now. Bloggers can cite events from ten minutes ago and start a dialogue while the news is still fresh. It can be more relaxed than conventional sales materials because you want to engage and entertain your customers as a person, a business owner and a seller of goods. You can be silly, informative, controversial and sincere or all of the above.

So what do you say?? Think beyond what you do and out to your industry and even further. You’re our plumber friend from above and you’re at a loss about subjects. Who do you serve? Homeowners. Homeowners need advice. How to unclog the drain is just the beginning. Branch out to general homeowner topics, gutters, HVAC, lawn care and how all those chemicals are leaching into out water supply. Saving money on energy costs, even funny plumber stories, you know you got ‘em.

Businesses that blog get 97% more inbound links.

When you write about your industry and offer tips and advice you also establish yourself as an authority. If our plumber friend offers advice on unclogging a drain it may lose him a call but it will gain him trust. And trust is huge. If potential customers feel they can trust you then you are golden. I don’t need to tell you that you need to keep that trust by your actions, do I?

Here’s a little know benefit for business bloggers: you might actually learn something. If you’re Googling your way to finding blog topics (it’s the best way, really) you may find a new product, method, recipe, trend or tidbit in your industry. In fact, I guarantee you will. Our plumber friend may stumble on a new installation method for hot water heaters, a new gadget to recommend to homeowners or an opportunity to educate himself. All of these things can be passed on to their readers.

Businesses that blog get 434% more indexed pages.

Content is what drives people to your website. Content within your website as well as blog content. Picture a beach and keywords are your bonfires. Lots of bonfires mean you get noticed. No bonfires and we fly right over. Picture the mai tais you’ll be drinking when they do.

So let’s review: blog to get customers, blog with good content, blog to stay relevant, blog to gain trust. Once in a while blog to say thank you to your customer. Potential customers will love that.

If you don’t have a clue about blogging or you just need some guidance call us at Turn The Page Online Marketing. We have some of the best bloggers in the business and we can put them to work for you. And boy, are they good. Really, really good.  Just sayin!

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