Four Benefits of Call Tracking For Sales & Marketing

In order to be successful with your sales & marketing efforts, your company needs to run marketing campaigns that beat your competitors’. You can’t just place any marketing campaign online haphazardly. Instead, you need to create an optimized campaign, pair it with a unique phone number and start tracking the calls that come in as a result of your sales & marketing efforts.

Does call tracking sound like too much work? It isn’t if you consider these four great benefits that call tracking offers.

Four Benefits of Call Tracking For Sales & Marketing

1. Easily Measure Your ROI

Having one phone number dedicated to a certain ad makes it simple to track which calls are coming in because of that ad. You can then use this information to test the effectiveness of various ads and sales & marketing campaigns.

2. Staff Appropriately During Peak Call Times

By analyzing the number of sales & marketing calls your company receives and misses each day by hour, you can better staff your call center to make sure that as many calls as possible are answered without paying more to staff the center than is necessary.

3. Target Your Clients by Location

Once you start implementing call tracking as part of your sales & marketing strategy, you ma
y notice that a large number of calls are coming from a certain geographic location or that very few calls are coming from another. This sales data will allow you to tailor your marketing appropriately so you can best reach your intended audience.

4. Better Equip Your Phone Staff

Once you start tracking your sales & marketing data, you may notice certain patterns emerging. There may be certain questions that keep popping up time and time again, or there may be some products that are selling particularly well. Prepare your sales staff for success by giving them this information ahead of time.

At Turn The Page Online Marketing, we want you to get the most out of all of your marketing efforts. We know the importance of call tracking — do you?

We highly recommend using call tracking on all of your online marketing services, including your website, social media marketing and more!

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