B2B Social Media: How Your Company Can Leverage Social Sites

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When you think of social media campaigns conducted by businesses, chances are your mind first goes to business to customer (B2C) ones rather than business to business (B2B) social media campaigns.

Social media marketing is vital in creating brand awareness, generating leads, and establishing authority, yet many B2B social media campaigns are limited in scope — if they exist at all. A 2012 survey found that one third of UK companies surveyed do not use B2B social media in marketing, while 43% had no defined strategy for their B2B social media campaigns.

While B2B social media campaigns may not be as widespread or high-profile as their B2C counterparts, when leveraged properly they can be instrumental in the success of a B2B endeavor, moving B2B pitches from face-to-face local encounters to global social conversations. Here are some tips your company should use for the most effective B2B social media campaigns.

How to Craft Effective B2B Social Media Campaigns

Be Aware of Your Audience & What Social Media They Use

Strategy must be at the heart of your B2B social media campaign, which means you need to consider the merits of each social media platform and how your target audience uses each service. Facebook and Twitter might be the top social networking sites, but that doesn’t mean they’re always the best places to focus your B2B social media efforts. Consider using LinkedIn and Google+ to target the businesses apt to use your services. You can also use visual social media sites, like Instagram and Pinterest, to establish and publicize your brand. When approaching any B2B social media campaign, just be aware of who you’re targeting — this will determine your direction.

Build a Community With a B2B Social Media Campaign

The social media sphere is a great place for your B2B company to connect with your potential and current clients in a more organic, genuine way. Let them peek behind the scenes to humanize your brand. You want your B2B social campaign to resonate with your audience in some way so that your brand has a real human face — no false veneer. Encouraging audience engagement and participation in discussions raised on B2B social media accounts will help you build this community and bring your brand down to earth.

Be a Show Off

Visual social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Vine have taken flight this year, and it doesn’t look like they’ll be losing altitude any time soon. Take advantage of the rise of visual content in B2B social media by sharing what you do with your followers — not through words, but through images or videos. You can use actual photos and videos of your products or services in action so that your audience doesn’t have to take your word for it — they’ll be able to see your work right on your B2B social media accounts.

Before (1)Implement B2B Social Media in Tandem With Offline Campaigns

You shouldn’t treat your B2B social media campaign as a separate entity from your offline marketing — they should always support each other. For example, if your B2B is appearing at an industry convention to make face-to-face connections, you could create a hashtag to publicize your appearance and encourage other attendees to engage in digital conversations about the event on your B2B social media accounts. You could live Tweet, Facebook, and Instagram the conference to further promote your B2B. B2B social media campaigns can also work well for product and service launches that you’ve been promoting at trade shows or networking events.

Need Help With B2B Social Media?

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