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Yes – almost immediately after we posted that not much has happened on the Google Social front. Google + has arrived! Our post predicted a slow role out and thats whats coming. Most of the changes will be rolled out over the next few months.  It appears this social platform is more by way of addition to the whole Google presence than a complete stand alone social platform. Google has announced it has made some additions that make the online experience more like real life. The Google+ Project is being tested by a selected test group. The main components are:


Like it sounds the premise is that you keep your online contacts in a circle similar to how you maintain a circle in real life. Family with family, football buddies with football buddies etc. etc. Eerily similar to Facebook Groups but with a spin, dare we say!


This component allows for unplanned meetings on the web. You can make yourself available at a hangout which details the number of friends that are in attendance. Tell friends or circles of friends that you are hanging out and see if they come join you. This will have a simple click to join function.

Instant Upload

Provides instant photo upload. Transferring photos from your phone is sometimes challenging. Instant Upload allows you to upload photos and videos to a private album on Google+.  All do is decide who to share them with.


This seems to a simple search function within Google+. Provides the opportunity to search read or share what you maybe interested in.


This is a group texting function. It seems like it could be fun and maybe a little confusing with all those texts at once, particularly if you are in more than one huddle at a time. It does provide a way to make quick group decisions and so seems very useful for some applications.

This is really just the beginning with more and better to come. Google+ is currently being field tested and you can sign up to be included.

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