Shay started working in the field of web development in high school, and developed his skills through what limited classes were available to him. Four years later he started teaching himself web development techniques at home in order to master the craft. After starting work at TTP as a junior developer, he worked his way up to the position of Lead Web Developer. His main roles at TTP are to train and teach new recruits (or other employees who just want to learn code), and build and manage our Business Pro clients’ websites.

About Shay

Shay has always been passionate about sports, but mostly baseball. He played catcher throughout high school, and even moved on to play in college, but injuries dashed his dreams of playing professionally. He still pretty much killed it in the KC Corporate Challenge, though. He now teaches and coaches all aspects of baseball. And web development. Plus, I hear he’s pretty good at Call of Duty.

TTP Role: Web Developer

Batting average listed as a percentage:


Proportion of things around me that cash rules:


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