Sara acquired her BS in Digital Media Production and an MA in Mass Communication from the University of Central Missouri, but neither of those are as impressive as her telekinetic powers and her ability to keep cool in the face of imminent danger. Plus, she was elected to the First Team All-TTP Account Coordinator squad this season.

About Sara

Sara openly and frequently admits that she is bad at math, most likely to distract you from the fact that she’s even worse at not being awesome. She currently doesn’t own any pets, but if she could, she would own a hellhound since they’re basically giant, adorably terrifying puppies.

Someday, Sara plans to write a novel. If you have any ideas for the plot, I’m sure she’s open to suggestions.

TTP Role: SEO Copywriter

Affinity for Batman's butler, Alfred:


Proportion of meteors dodged:


Likeliness of one day becoming fully ethereal:


Time spent not listening to music:


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