Raechel started her college education at Northwest Missouri State, but defected toward the end of her studies to finish her Public Relations degree at the University of Central Missouri in Warrensburg. It was kind of like how Kevin Durant went to the Golden State Warriors after spending eight seasons with the Oklahoma City Thunder, except instead of winning an NBA Championship, Raechel earned a college degree, and she wasn’t vilified by all of Twitter for it.

After schooling, Raechel worked in administration for Rockhill Orthopedics for over two years, and definitely didn’t adopt an alter ego called “Professor Entropy” to rob banks with a giant, bipedal robot or anything. No criminal activity here! No sir.

About Raechel

Raechel possesses a diverse and impressive skillset, but focuses her talents on SEO Strategy and being a high class cowgirl. Her main role at Turn The Page is keyword analytics, but she also runs a mean barrel pattern. When Raechel isn’t turning out some mad strategies for our clients, she’s living life as a renegade on the road going from rodeo to rodeo.

Raechel’s animal friends include two horses, a dog, and a cat. She’s a die-hard St. Louis Cardinals fan, but is mostly neutral toward the Arizona Cardinals.

TTP Role: Account Strategist

Proportion of time spent getting teased for being a ``carney lover``:


Jaywalking percentage:


Obsession with the TLC show ``My 600 lb Life``:


Excitement level after seeing Bonnie in the office:


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