When the TTP alchemic biologists created Levi back in 2012, they never expected him to develop such acute, extraordinary color vision. Levi possesses the ability to perceive wavelengths outside of the normal visible spectrum, which is why his graphic design and logo drafting skills are unmatched in the human realm.

Basically, if Turn The Page produces anything with an exceptional visual aesthetic, you can bet Levi worked on it. Sometimes it’s Anabeth, but usually it’s Levi. That guy is alright.

About Levi

In addition to his heightened senses, Levi has an eight octave vocal range just like Mariah Carey, who is also rumored to be a man-made homunculus. In his spare time, Levi enjoys making human music, summoning ducks, and playing Minecraft.

TTP Role: Graphic Designer & Photographer

Current phone battery power:


Immunity to bees:


Average effort level:


Camouflage index:


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