When asked about her education, Kristina simply answered “I have an MBA,” and declined further comment. We do know, however, that she teaches Ethics, Marketing, International Business, Strategic Management, and Gator Taming at Columbia College, so presumably her MBA has something to do with one of those subjects. Furthermore, her past professional endeavors include ownership of a marketing consulting company, and co-ownership of a cloud data storage company.

About Kristina

Kristina’s role at TTP isn’t really limited to just a few things. I mean she’s basically all over the place. A real firecracker. Kristina’s official title is Operations Manager, and she oversees the entire Account Service Department. Plus, she’s an active member of the Turn The Page Fun Committee, where she organizes “historic” events such as the “Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work Day.”

Most importantly, Kristina has three cats named Racer, Sammy and Colby, and Kristina definitely never embarrasses her daughter in public. Or at home. Kristina is just a generally un-embarrassing individual in general.

TTP Role: Operations Manager

Amount of time spent trying to embarrass daughter:


Amount of time spent actually embarrassing daughter:


Amount of time spent talking about getting a nose ring:


Amount of time spent actually getting a nose ring:


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