Ken was added to the TTP collection in June of 2017. Or was it May? We don’t remember. He assimilated so smoothly into his role as Senior SEO Strategist — and  the corporate culture at TPP — that it just feels like we’ve known him forever. He just fits in so perfectly, you know?

Ken has been working professionally in the field of SEO since 1998. To put that into perspective: Ken started doing the SEO thing before Tim Duncan won his first NBA championship. In other words, he has the experience and expertise to make sure your pages and ads rank as high as possible on the search listings.

About Ken

When Ken lived in Nashville, Tennessee, he appeared in multiple commercials as “the hot dad.” He even made cameos in a few music videos as “confident man with hat in background.” Really, though, the only thing you need to know about Ken is that he owns a giant golden hammer named Stormchaser. What a cool guy.

TTP Role: Senior SEO Strategist

Aversion to snakes:


Affinity for snakes:


Neutrality toward snakes:


Level of love for Diet A&W Root Beer:


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