Okay wait hold up a second, because we need to address one point first and foremost before we get into Josh’s work history or whatever: Josh claims that he has never chewed bubble gum in his life. Isn’t that wild? Like how does that happen in 2017? Not that we’re mad or anything, it’s just… sort of hard to imagine, you know?

Anyway, Josh is a pretty cool guy, despite never having chewed a piece of bubble gum. He studied Criminology at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, which is pretty badass if you ask us. Currently, Josh fills the “Josh Of All Trades” position at Turn The Page, and his responsibilities range from website launch to server analytics, to DNS management, to general client support, to not chewing gum.

About Josh

We really can’t get over that bubble gum thing. Like, not even once, Josh? What did you have during little league baseball games? Sunflower seeds only? Unreal…

Unrelated to bubble gum, Josh thinks that LeBron is the greatest all-around basketball player of all time, even when compared to six-time NBA Champion, Michael Jordan. It’s a controversial opinion, but we respect Josh a whole lot for coming out and appreciating greatness in the moment. Also Josh really likes golf.

Chairs currently in use by Josh at TTP office:


Approximate proportion of body mass consisting of water:


Time spent chewing gum*:


Favorite percentage:


TTP Role: Web Support Specialist

*Somehow, we’re still not joking about this figure. He’s never had a piece of gum. Not even on an airplane.,

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