Graham‘s greatest asset to the company is his ability to “write real good.” While his official position at Turn The Page is listed as “SEO Copywriter and Content Specialist,” Graham “Bagel Shaman” Martin spends most of his office time boosting the morale of his colleagues with his agonizingly cheerful demeanor and uncomfortably positive attitude.

When he’s not optimizing our clients’ pages for SEO rankings or writing blogs about the benefits of recycled glass countertops, Graham is usually offering unsolicited moral support and — quite frankly — offensively cheerful verbal reinforcement to his colleagues in an awkward attempt to boost their confidence and self-esteem.

About Graham

In his spare time, Graham enjoys video games, singing in the shower, board games, singing out of the shower, creating content for YouTube, showering without singing, playing with cats, and not showering while also not singing.

Although he has never been prompted, Graham will frequently insist that he is certainly a bona fide human being, and not, for example, two small elephants disguised in a trench coat and sunglasses, which obviously would be ridiculous and is absolutely not the case.

TTP Role: SEO Copywriter & Strategist

“The Floor is Lava” win ratio:


Affinity for histograms:


Fire resistance:


Proportion of statistics in Graham’s bio that are fabricated:


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