After spending a year in The Windy City — also known as Chicago, which is not named “The Windy City” for its actual climate, but its “long-winded politicians and political events” according to Wikipedia — EvanAnn decided to move closer to her family roots. She is a graduate of good Ol’ Kansas State University with a degree in Mass Communications and a minor in Leadership. She assists her clients by providing actionable insights to improve their business performance, and it helps that she is Google Adwords and Inbound Marketing certified!

About EvanAnn

EvanAnn is a pop culture and social media junkie. From Pinterest to Tumblr, she is heavily ingrained in new trends, and can always predict the next big thing to explode off Instagram. In her free time, she likes to take photos on her vintage camera, analyze websites, read her horoscope, and chase after her cats, Nooks and Noodle, who provide countless stories to entertain her coworkers.

TTP Role: Account Strategist

Time spent chasing after her cats:


Amount time spent having to repeat her name:


Diet Mountain Dew consumption:


Effort put into coming up with fourth statistic:


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