Elie might be a Muggle in her everyday life, but in her heart she’s a true Ravenclaw, and enthusiastic Harry Potter fan. Plus, she can shoot fire from her hands, but that might be a temporary side effect of the most recent solar eclipse.

Her proverbial nametag for TTP says Sales and Marketing Associate, but she enjoys being able to learn and grow and shoot fire from her hands within every department. Elie spends most of her day doing what she loves best: writing, shooting fire from her hands, and communicating with many people throughout the day.

About Elie

Elie graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2013 with a degree in Journalism, and she has spent over 5 years in sales and customer service roles of one kind or another. Her favorite things include her dog, her cat, anything related to Ireland, and learning interesting but useless facts, which she enjoys sharing at random. Did you know that snails have a chainsaw-like tongue called a radula?

TTP Role: Sales and Marketing Associate

Percentage of books that she owns, but hasn’t had a chance to read yet:


Ratio of useless facts to helpful information in brain:


Frequency of puns in writing and/or speech:


Devotion to the Harry Potter world:


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