Duane is TTP’s resident Renaissance man. From generating leads through pay-per-click accounts, to teaching others about SEO, Duane does it all. Google, Bing and Yahoo certified, he’s your go-to man for anything PPC-related. And all that (almost) makes up for the fact that he tends to wear the same costume every time we have dress-up days.His experience and in-depth knowledge has helped Turn The Page become a Google Premier Partner (that’s pretty amazing in case you didn’t know).

About Duane

Duane may be an Adwords geek to the core, but he also has hidden musical talents and was the singer/songwriter/musician/producer of the hit song “Dead Man Dirty” – trust us, you just have to hear it some time. 

TTP Role: Vice President of Paid Search

Adwords Knowledge:


Ping-Pong Skills:


Chance You Will Find Him Socializing:


Future Musical Potential:


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