Briana — also known as Bree for short and Easy Bree-zy Lemon Squeezy for long — earned her MBA in Business Management from Rockhurst University in May of 2016 after completing her Bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in Theology in 2015. Before joining the Turn The Page All-Stars, she worked as a Client Service Associate for Morgan Stanley, and an Account Services Intern at Intouch Solutions. At some point, she may have also been the President of the United States, but that part of her career history has not been confirmed. It’s just what her resume says, and we trust her.

About Bree

After serving as an Account Coordinator for Turn The Page, Bree has since been promoted to Account Executive, and is climbing that corporate ladder toward Account Archduchess and eventually Supreme Empress of All Accounts. Bree is an avid golfer, and hopes to one day become a golfing coach for college teams.

Bree is the middle child of three, so you know she’s very responsible. They all grow up that way, supposedly.

TTP Role: Lead Account Coordinator

Proportion of U.S. states visited:


Frequency at which Bree’s lunch break occurs between 2pm and 3pm:


Percentage of hole-in-ones while golfing:


Movies watched*:


*We don’t know where this statistic came from or if it was ever fact-checked, but we assume this figure indicates that Bree has watched 83% of all movies ever created, which… wow… that’s a lot of movies, Bree. I mean that’s gotta be at least 400,000 movies. Assuming an average run time of two hours, the numbers would equate to approximately 91 straight years of movie watching. That’s some inspiring dedication.

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