Brian has been there and back again. He grew up here in KC, traveled three hours south to Springfield, got bored after two years, flew to Denver, stayed there for another haze of two years, and finally decided to put up roots here in KC again. And honestly, at this point Kansas City isn’t too invested in its relationship with Brian, knowing that he might up and leave at any moment without warning. But hey, at least Turn The Page is happy to have Brian around.

About Brian

There is little question that Brian truly enjoys digital marketing. He works under Duane in the Paid Search gulag team. He rarely leaves his post and hardly ever exhibits any Stockholm syndrome at all. He often listens to all types of EDM while working in a trance. So far, his research indicates that EDM induced trances yield the greatest overall productivity, followed closely by coffee-induced fervor, and a kitten-induced euphoria.

TTP Role: Paid Search Specialist

Time spent at the gym:


Time spent appearing like he was at the gym at all:


Time spent collecting and storing valuable memes:


Time spent appearing happy:


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