Anabeth says she’s “passionate” about checklisting, planning, and organizing, which might sound somewhat lame or nerdy, but in reality, she’s the coolest person in the office, and is just trying to fit in with the rest of us losers.

She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in project management, and has over 25 years experience in graphic design. When it comes to delivering results, she believes design and functionality can come together to create an aesthetically pleasing website that also promotes the needed functionality for serving the end user.

About Anabeth

When Anabeth is not in the office managing projects, she’s at home managing the chaos only a toddler and a teenager can cause. As a native born Texan, she misses the outdoor experiences available in The Lone Star State, but has been exploring what Missouri has to offer. She enjoys camping, hiking, rafting trips, and pretty much any adventure that lets her enjoy the sunshine! She’s also somewhat of an adrenaline junkie.

As a reservist with the U.S. Navy, Anabeth serves as a Heavy Equipment Operator with the Seabees allowing her to operate various types of construction equipment. Need a hole dug? Anabeth’s your girl!

TTP Role: Project Manager

Love of cold winter months:


Proficiency in stripping an M16 in under 60 secs:


Percentage of items checked off her bucket list:


Percentage of people that can beat her at air hockey:


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