6 Critical Benefits Of Blog Comments You Should Know About

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Most bloggers normally consider comments on their blogs as ways of simply gauging the quality of their posts. However, the relevance of comments on blogs goes deeper than this. If you are considering transforming your blog from an ordinary blog into one that has a commanding online presence, you have to always monitor the comments on each blog post you make. There are many things that you can benefit from by reading some of these comments. Some of these gains include:

Correction on facts and other errors

Everyone is human, so it is permissible for one to make mistakes from time to time. When you need your blog to be as authoritative as possible, however, you need to keep the error rate very low. Sometimes, you may end up writing a blog post that has an error and not know that it’s an error. In such cases, some of your readers may draw your attention to this, and you can then correct it after doing the requisite research. This will make your blog more dependable as a source of information.

Comments can be the start of a great professional relationship

By simply interacting with your readers through comments, you can ensure that you nurture relationships that may end up being mutually beneficial in future. For instance, one of your readers could end up running a large company that deals with provision of goods or services that are related to your blog content. In such cases, they could decide to sponsor your blog, or even give you a position at the company if you have shown exceptional skill at this field. There are many people who have gotten very lucrative jobs in this simple way.

Comments can be the source of inspiration for future articles

When readers contribute to a particular topic you have blogged about, you can go through some of their comments and then get a good idea of what you can blog about later on. Most of the times, the fact that you will have gotten inspiration from the discussions among your readers, means that you will likely end up blogging about something that they are very interested in.

The comments section can be used to clarify issues that your readers don’t understand

When you have written a blog post, you may end up finding that some of the readers don’t understand a few aspects about it. Instead of dedicating another blog post to address these issues, you can simply interact with them in the comments section, and you can then clarify the issue. This will save you some time.

You can use the comments section to pick potential guest bloggers

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to sometimes let other people write the blog posts on your blog. The most important of these is the fact that this eliminates monotony. When you are the sole contributor to the blog, you tend to fall into a pattern when it comes to the tone and content of your blog posts. When you have guest bloggers contribute them from time to time, you can introduce new angles and tones to your blog. Going through the comments section can be an excellent way of finding people talented and knowledgeable enough to write guest posts.

The comments section can also be used as a means of measuring the effectiveness of your writing

As a blogger, one of the greatest inspirations is knowing that you are doing things right as far as blogging is concerned. However, this is something that can only be determined by third parties. When you have a comments section in your blog, readers can comment on various aspects of your writing. You can then use this feedback to modify your writing to make it better by eliminating the weaknesses that you would have otherwise not have known you have.

The above mentioned are just a few of the different benefits of comments to a blogger; there are many more. If you run any kind of blog, it is therefore a good idea to not only enable the comments facility, but to also make sure that you go through the comments from time to time. This is critical to keeping your blog relevant and exciting for your readers.

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