4 Ways Google My Business Will Revolutionize the Way Small Businesses Engage Customers

If you want your small business to thrive, you don’t need to reach every customer. You need to reach the right customer. Gone are the days when small businesses attempted the expensive and often futile task of competing with larger businesses in rankings in order to reach large numbers of potential customers. Now small businesses can focus their online marketing resources on engaging with the right customer, the one who is likely to spend money with the business not just once but over and over.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a location management tool for businesses. It operates in 236 countries and 65 languages. It will provide a user-friendly interface for business owners to use to update information about their company. Experts are predicting that Google My Business will have the most positive impact on small businesses with a brick and mortar store front.

Google My Business Gives You The Power To:

Manage First Impressions

One of the most important ways Google My Business will change the behavior of consumers is by making a business’s information accessible on any device. As desktop searches drop and mobile searches soar, this can be a major benefit to small businesses. Google My Business will allow you to make sure that the correct contact information is easily available to your customers; if you change your phone number, you’ll be able to update your information quickly so you don’t risk losing business. And you can also upload images to help represent your business visually when customers search for you. 65% of the population are visual learners, so managing your images is a major game changer.

Encourage Engagement

And Google My Business makes it easier than ever for business owners to gather information from and about their clients, providing data about the number of clients that found a particular business from a Google search and what those clients clicked on. And a customer who has had a great experience can leave a review or endorse your content.

Change the Way You Think About SEO

With the easy to use new dashboard, we may see a change in the way businesses use SEO. Many companies may find that instead of spending time and money trying to cast the widest possible net with SEO, they are better off using their resources to find and keep a smaller loyal consumer base. And you can respond to their feedback or even engage with them face to face with Hangouts, improving their experience with your brand.

Make Your Business Better

Google My Business fosters a positive interactive experience between companies and consumers in a way that suggests that smart businesses will get better. Not only are business owners and managers getting valuable customer feedback for free, but they’re also getting it almost instantly. This allows them to make the minute, day to day tweaks that create a better product. And creating the best product is the most effective way to keep Google interested in your business in the long run.

Google is rapidly changing the way both small and large businesses operate worldwide. It is working hard to reward businesses that provide quality products and services that are enhanced by consumer engagement and good content. How can you keep up? The expert team at Turn the Page Online Marketing can help your business navigate this and any change Google might throw your way.

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