4 Chrome Extensions Every Small Business Owner Needs

4 Chrome Extensions Every Small Business Owner Needs

As a small business owner, you know just how valuable online tools are in saving you time and money. That’s why you’re open to useful Chrome extensions because you’ve seen how beneficial they are in helping you run your business. Best of all, there are new extensions being offered on a daily basis and many are free or cost very little for you to buy.

Below, you will find some of the most useful Chrome extensions available. Each has its own list of advantages to offer a small business owner like yourself. Download the useful Chrome extensions that appeal most to you and try them out. You’ll never know how well they’ll work for you if you don’t bother to test them in your browser.

Chrome Extensions to Help Save Your Business Time & Money4 Chrome Extensions You Should Check Out


Are you tired of those pesky ads following you wherever you go? Do you want to get to a website and find what it is you’re looking for without being asked to buy something? With AdBlock, you’re able to remove banners from the web pages you view, streamlining your web experience and reducing distractions.

Mighty Text

Mighty Text is a useful Chrome extension that allows you to send text messages to mobile devices via your computer. It’s a much easier way to stay on top of the messages you receive without having to be constantly attached to your phone. You’ll see what others have written on your computer screen where you can type out longer messages faster.

Website Blocker

If you get distracted by certain websites often, the Website Blocker extension allows you to block them. This removes the temptation of spending hours surfing forums or commenting on social media sites. It’s a great way to get you work done fast and best of all, when you’re all caught up, you can remove the extension and see all your favorite websites again. Where useful Chrome extensions are concerned, this is one of the best available.


Buffer makes it easy to plan out social media posts for your business’s profile pages. The Buffer extension goes even further by allowing you to click the Buffer button on any website to create a new post, making it even easier to share links and relevant articles. More than ever, businesses are using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as a part of a business marketing plan. With the Buffer extension, you can make your social media posting plan way more efficient and effective.

Make Use of Chrome Extensions

Now that you know how to select the most useful Chrome extensions, you’ll speed up your productivity and gain better control of your day. Make sure to check back often for new extensions because they’re being developed for small businesses all the time. You never know when one of the extensions you choose becomes the best tool you have available for you.

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