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By January 1, 2013Google, Google +1
+1 another step for Google

The + 1 capability seems to be another step in the socialization of search for Google. For those of you who have not heard yet, Google released a “+1” capability within their search results. It provides the ability for a searcher to highlight a particular search result. This fits with Google’s fixation that if someone you are socially networked with online likes something, you will too. The +1 is eerily similar to the Facebook “Like” button and could potentially positively effect search results ranking for web pages who receive them. This function is only available to people who have signed up for a Google profile so it is still somewhat limited in scope. If you don’t see +1 on your search results you can sign up for it. Remember you must have a Google profile and be logged in to see the +1 functionality. The + 1’s you register are stored in a separate tab on your Google profile. We don’t think too many people will take the time to fill out a Google profile just so they can recommend a search result. So will Google +1 catch on?

Google Me

Potentially +1 will be a component of the long awaited Google Me social platform. It is very Googleish (probably not a word but you get the gist) to get all their ducks in a row before launching a major initiative. The Facebook “Like” functionality has a component where it encourage you to set up a profile to like a business website or blog. It is possible that the +1 function is a component of Google Me or whatever the eventual name will be. Google’s advantage is that it controls the search market so it makes sense that they should find a way to integrate any social functionality with their advantage as part of any social platform.

The Mysterious disappearing Google +1 Button

In a sort of “Scarlet Pimpernel” scenario……… “they seek him here, they seek him there……” Google released a +1 button that could be placed on a website, blog etc.

The button had potential because it made the like functionality more available outside of the search arena. Just when it got interesting it was gone.  For some reason, as quickly as it was released, it was withdrawn. Slightly strange although you can sign up to receive the button when it becomes available.

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