PPC is one of our most used marketing techniques because it is highly targeted advertising that reaches the right clients at the right time. Economical marketing meets high quality search engine results when your business partners with Turn The Page Online Marketing for your PPC efforts. No one business is the same, and because of this, our in-house paid search team creates every pay per click campaign around your business’ marketing objectives. Whether you want to promote services or products for a prolonged period of time or you want to see a boost in short term sales, our seasoned professionals can always find the perfect PPC solution.

Making the Most of Your Advertising Budget

ROI InvestmentUltimate ROI is our passion when creating PPC campaigns. Offering easily measurable return on your advertising investment, PPC advertising makes it easy to understand where your money is going and what you’re getting in return. Our PPC experts specialize in maximizing the ad’s presence and click through rate to provide cost-effective ROI. This is achieved by consistent strategy development, results analysis and keyword monitoring. We treat your investment in PPC advertising with utmost respect, helping you spend your advertising dollars with as much care as we would spend our own if we were in your position.

Integrating PPC with Organic Marketing

PPC advertising is one of the quickest ways to boost results for your business. Our team works to balance the highly targeted effects of our PPC campaigns with organic efforts designed to provide sustained results. This combination of efforts gives our partner businesses a decided edge over their competition.

How It Works

One of the questions we hear most from business professionals is “how does the PPC process work?” So, here is a quick snapshot at what you can expect as we begin your PPC. After our paid search experts complete an analysis of your business’ online presence, they complete the following setup steps:

  • Develop a comprehensive keyword targeting strategy including negative keywords for your PPC campaigns.
  • Build and develop PPC campaigns with correct categorization, matching and Ad Groups.
  • Write ad text with multiple ads for efficiency testing.
  • Setup tracking code for Analytics, PPC Conversion Tracking and Call Tracking.

The ability to adapt and modify strategy is key to helping your business constantly increase traffic. Our team persistently tunes and modifies PPC strategy, adjusting bids and positions to maximize results. Because we keep tracking conversion analysis, our strategists have a proven track record of getting results that maximize our client’s PPC budgets. Staying true to our “results not rankings” commitment, we will do everything to deliver the greatest return on your PPC investment.

To start seeing results with our PPC services, contact our Greater Kansas City based company by calling (816) 527-8371.


Proudly serving the Kansas City business community.

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