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Pokémon Go and SEO: Closer Than You Think

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Gotta catch ’em all! If you haven’t heard yet, Pokémon Go is the new augmented reality app that’s sweeping the country. Android and iOS users can now use their phone’s GPS and camera to capture, battle, and train Pokémon in the real world simply by walking around their neighborhood.

But what does this have to do with SEO, you may ask? Quite a bit, as a matter of fact! Though they may initially seem to come from totally different worlds, one being a smartphone game and one being an online marketing tool, there are some interesting correlations between the two.  So sit back, relax, and let me take you on a tour through Pokémon Go and SEO!

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Is “Above the Fold” a Myth?

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“Above the fold”, also known as “above the scroll” is a concept in website design relevant to online marketing and advertising. The ‘fold’ refers to the point at which the webpage starts scrolling – anything above this point is ‘above the fold’, and anything below this point is ‘below the fold.’

A common belief is that users generally don’t like to scroll; past studies had found that only 23% of visitors scroll on their first visit to a website, and that that number decreased with every subsequent visit, reached 16% by their second visit. Because of this, above the fold is often considered prime real estate for online marketers and advertisers, and many sites have different exact spacings and price points depending on where they believe ‘the fold’ to be.

However, with website layout and design changing constantly, does the principle of “above the fold” still hold up? Let’s take a look at a few factors.

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A Basic Guide to Google Analytics

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Google Analytics: one of the world’s foremost web analytics services and an invaluable asset for any business that’s interested in growing and developing their website. But though it’s one of the most widely used web analytics services in the world and has been around for a little over ten years, it can still be tricky to figure out all the odds and ends to Google Analytics.

For those looking take advantage of this service but aren’t quite sure where to start, here’s a quick guide to some of Google Analytics’s basic terms and tools.

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Is Organic Search Dying?

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Organic search has generally been considered an important feature in the landscape of online marketing. Many companies have utilized various methods and strategies for helping improve the ranking of their websites within search engine results, leading to the creation of tools such as search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM). But is organic search really on its way out? Let’s take a look at some of the factors that affect organic search and its current state within the industry.

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harnessing the

Why Good SEO Takes Time to Hold

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So you’ve finally done it, you’ve followed finalized your SEO strategy. You’ve done the keyword research, you’ve polished your content, and you’re feeling pretty good. So when do I get to see the fruits of my labor, you ask? Well, while SEO can be a valuable tool in your online marketing arsenal, it doesn’t promise overnight success. Here are some factors to consider while waiting for your SEO results.

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How to Maintain a Consistent Brand Voice for Your Business

How to Maintain a Consistent Brand Voice for Your Business

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Branding is an essential part of any business. Why? What your brand represents can greatly influence how consumers see your business and if they are willing to spend money on your products or services. An established brand garners more respect and authority and, as a result, more business. However, failing to keep your branding strong and consistent can lead to confused consumers and reduced industry authority. Follow these tips to make sure that your branding is always on point.

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Why Your Content Must Be Media Rich

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Infographics, videos, images – they’re all becoming more and more essential to your (and our!) online marketing efforts. Media rich content is taking over and there may be no going back. In fact, you may have even noticed a stark increase in media rich blog posts from TTP lately. But what exactly does media rich content do for you?

Media RichWhy Should My Content be Media Rich?

Take a look at social media platforms like Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat and Instagram. Their user bases are still expanding in size and marketers are getting in on the game too. In fact, according to a recent blog post from Adobe, Pinterest accounts for about a quarter of all referral traffic. That’s pretty powerful for just one medium.

You may be wondering how these platforms and statistics relate to your content. Think about it – people are visual creatures. We like looking at pretty or interesting things. So the more pinnable your post or share-worthy your images, the more likely you’ll be to not only gain traffic, but to convert it into real sales.

The Quick and Dirty on Media Rich Content

Some things to keep in mind when producing or curating content:

  • Studies suggest that the brain processes visuals an astonishing 60,000 times faster than it does text. Not only that, but many people find reading just text to be plain old boring. Media has the power to break up the monotony of that text.
  • Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. People are less willing to read dense chunks of content, especially if there’s nothing nice to look at.
  • In the age of Buzzfeed listicles and short-and-snappy Tumblr posts, your audience has come to expect content that is not only easy to read, but is also packed with images, GIFs and videos.
  • Depending on the media you choose, it may provide added marketing value. For example, if you clean chimneys and use camera inspections to do so, consider adding a video of said inspection to your site. This will give visitors some insight as to what you do, why it’s important and what a difference it can make in their lives. It’s its very own value proposition.
  • Media attracts visitors to your site (especially through social media), encourages them to engage and keeps them there longer. A 2014 article from states that images can increase engagement on a post by up to 180% and visitors spend 100% more time on a web page if it has a video.
  • If your website or post does require a lot of text (ahem, us right now), make it user-friendly. Use bullet points and lists to make it more visually appealing and legible.

Need Some Help with Media Rich Content?

Get more traffic to your site and more conversions with media rich content that people will actually want to read. For more information, call the online marketing team at Turn The Page at (816) 527-8371 or (844) 889-5001 and see how we can get your content back on track.


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Have you seen on Facebook, where a person’s name or business is highlighted or “tagged.” How users are doing this is when you are making status or making a comment you can put the @and than the person’s name or business. An example is shown below

One of the great ways for you to apply this to your business is by refering people you are doing business with. If you are a realtor and you use a certain company as a mortgage broker you could send a thank you with the company named tagged in it so that other people can see what a great job they did as well as click the link to their Facebook page. To be able to tag a person you do have to be friends with them and to tag a business you do have to like their business page.

Liking the businesses that you trust and would refer is great free advertisement. When KC had our recent hail storm many people tagged their favorite roofer in a status, if anyone was in need of that service all they had to do was click the link in the status which would take them directly to their Facebook page. I would encourage everyone to Like as many businesses as they can to get free products, information and deals. But also it’s a great tool to help share businesses with friends and family.

Website Content That Rocks

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Website content can rock with passion if the writer makes a commitment. Rocking content will drive visitors to any website. Website design features can be incredible, artistic beyond belief, even something Picasso would find awe inspiring and none of it would help get a website found. Website content rules when it comes to getting found on the internet. Our experience is that, generally for business, there is a focus on great design features for a website. Some take it to the point where absolutely every minute detail has to be just right. Going backwards and forwards over the simplest of changes numerous times. Then poor old content is a mad scramble at the end, with even some pages, missing any content at all for launch. Lets face it generic website content is not sexy. Original, relevant and exciting website content can rock if you let your passion drive it! Threading passion through all the pages of a business website is a challenge. Having a well thought out plan for the construction of your content throughout a website allows passion to shine through.

A content plan

Search engines index the individual pages of a website. Each page of a website is a potential landing page for visitors. You can easily target potential customers across each section of your business. Develop pages that cover all the aspects of the business, the greater the page depth of a site the better. Individual pages can be tightly targeted to specific areas of your business. This is important because consumers have become educated about search, their searches are more targeted and narrow. They want specifics with results that reflect the terms of their search. Providing results relevant to what the searcher wants is any search engines goal. As a precaution remember to balance this depth of site against the ability to produce relevant and unique content for each page. Research the keywords that people use when searching for the information that will be relevant to a page. The way a business owner talks about their business is not necessarily how potential customers will search for that business, products or services. This understanding  should be developed during the design phases of a website. Construct a website layout that allows ease of navigation via an easy to understand menu structure. Once a potential client has found the relevant page make the content interesting and concise. Do not assume that the reader understands the business, write as if you are talking to someone who knows nothing. Think about the best customer you have ever had before they were even a customer and write for them. Let your website content rock by giving it the attention it deserves and start ranking for SEO.