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Go North

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I don’t want to be really stereotypical and say that as a women I am HORRIBLE with directions. I do have the gift that if I have been somewhere once I can typically get back there no problem. But the first visit can take me a bit. So as a girl please don’t tell me to go north on 150 cause I will look at you like you spoke Chinese. You can say go right or left bythe Panera Bread and I guarantee I will know what you mean.

In the course of my work for Turn the Page I am driving all over the Kansas City area and I don’t have to ask for directions usually. WHY, you ask? Well Google Places of course. If you have a smart phone and google the business you are going to hopefully you can find them on Google Places click directions and a map will POP up and lead you directly there. None of this go North on 435 business. A little arrow will lead you on your way like Dora the Explorer. But if you haven’t claimed your Google places account you are missing a great service for your customers. As well as a great marketing tool. Not only can you give directions, you can put pictures and videos, you can share your website, and inform customers what your business is about. People can view all this information either straight from their phones or computers. If you aren’t using Google Places you need to be cause I can guarantee that your competitor is, they may have seen that no one has claimed yours either and made it their own, so I would take a look. Plus if you want me to come see you I will need to know how to get there, without any of this GO NORTH business.

Google making life easier

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Google keeps making things easier and easier, take the new feature in Google Places. At first you could upload pictures but sometimes when you are establishing your places page you aren’t on the computer where your pictures are stored on, so at than you have to go back at a later time to insert pictures. We all know how we are when we  say we are going to do something later, it rarely happens. So now Google has made it easier you can actually copy photo URL’s from your website and paste them into Google Places. Below are the steps on how to do this in case it sounds confusing.

First you will go down to the photo section of Google Places

2nd step go to your website and find the picture you want right click and select Properties

3rd Step Copy the URL

4th go back to Google Places and paste the URL into the spot and hit Add Photo and DONE! That easy!!!

So know more excuses!! If you aren’t on Google Places you need to be, if you need help please Contact us at

The Digital Age – Gap

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A recent study by the Pew Research Institute showed that 92% of Americans use the internet for a search of some sort, 92% also use email and 65% use it for social networking. Daily search engine and email use is at 60%. The graph below provides very interesting insights into the progress of the digital age. Search and email usage have been in the 80-90% range for nearly a decade and social networking has grown to 65% from 15% in 4 years. This growth has not negatively impacted search engine or email use and the social network “rate of growth” has slowed a little.  Pew also released a different study showing that 35% of Americans now own a smartphone.  To explain: 83% of U.S. adults have a cell phone of some kind and 42% of them own a smartphone. That translates into 35% of all adults have a smart phone.

Online Marketing – a no-brainer for business?

Given all this information you would think every business leader, from a Fortune 500 CEO to the owner of corner shop would embrace every aspect of online marketing. Not true in our experience. There is a strange fear that exists for most. Similar to a child confronting something entirely new, attracted by the gaudy shine, reaching out delicately with fingers outstretched and body arched away. The child knows it wants the trinket, yet there is such a fear of the consequences of complete commitment that the object of desire is never fully embraced.

What drives the fear?

There are all sorts of theories about why this is happening:

  • The generation gap between the age of business leaders and those leading development of digital media.
  • The recession is keeping heads in the sand.
  • It is a completely new discipline that requires a new understanding.
  • It takes a lot of time and effort to do properly.

All of these probably have an impact. Our belief though is that the core reason runs deeper. Its more tied to a fear of change. Business has operated in very similar fashion for a generation. Broadcast and print advertising were the best options. Pushing out a message to potential customers. Even better the business controlled the message. Now things have changed. The customer controls the message.

How to close the gap

The bad news is it can be a significant gap, the good news is, it doesn’t all have to be done at once. The first step is understanding what Online Marketing really is and how to utilize it for your business. There is a wealth of information online if you have the time to research and verify the source you can educate yourself. Our Online Marketing Training programs provide up to date and comprehensive training modules centered around your business. Once you understand how online marketing works and how it can fit with your business; then choose your strategy. Implement your strategy with energy and long term commitment. Most importantly:

Start and complete the process of changing your company culture to embrace the new age. Develop an open and mutual communication with your customers. Openly engage and empower them. The unfortunate truth is if you are frightened of what your customers will say then you are doing something wrong. Worse they are probably already saying it somewhere online. The digital age is about open communication: if you are not in the conversation it is still happening. So join the conversation.

Don’t Play Hide and Seek With Your Website. Optimize it.

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Some of my fondest childhood memories involve playing hide and seek on late summer evenings. We would gather all of the neighborhood kids as the sun began to set and play a great game of hiding and searching for one another in the dark. My parents chose wisely when they bought a house that backed up to a city park; it set the stage for many amazing nights when several of us didn’t only play a fun game of hide and go seek, but created memories that we still look back upon with great nostalgia.

Although I happen to look back at my childhood with great fondness of the hide-and-go-seek game, there’s a reason that we eventually outgrow the game as we become adults, and especially business owners. The last thing that we want to be doing as a business owner is “hiding” from our clients – and not being able to be found when they begin “seeking” out our services.

Why Internet Marketing is Imperative to Business

Although it’s impossible to track the number of websites there are at any given point, so far in August of 2011, Netcraft has tracked 463,000,317 websites. Thousands of new domains are registered each day, not to mention blogs, Facebook users and the quickly-growing Google + user database. If anything is growing at a rate of lightening speed, it’s the online marketplace.

While this fast growth is exciting, and especially for Kansas City SEO experts like ourselves, it’s also a good indicator that businesses must adapt in order to be found. With millions of websites out there, it’s more important than ever to not only have a website, but make sure your site can be found. It’s one thing for people to know your website address, but to grow your business, you really need people to find your site via search engines.

Optimizing Your Site for Search Engines

“Optimizing” your website is a term that refers to actions you take to make Google, Yahoo, and Bing! (search engines) find your website. This is a full strategy that includes copy writing, business listings, blogging, press releases, user reviews and much more. Your site won’t be found if you don’t utilize these growing tools and tactics on your website. Your site may be used by people who’ve already given their loyalty and know how to find you, but it won’t be found by those looking for what you do via Google and online search.

It’s Worth the Time and Resources to Optimize your Website

Optimizing your site is a matter of education. Learn how to market your website so that it can be found on search engines. Or, hire a team to optimize your website for you if you don’t have extra time to learn it yourself. Either way, allocating your resources for Internet marketing is worth it. We know how the “cobbler’s kids don’t have shoes,” struggle goes, and we know that it’s hard to find time to work on your business when you’re pouring into your clients. But, I guarantee that just like those long nights of hide-and-go-seek in the dark brought me cherished memories and no regret, you’ll experience the same feeling when you pour your resources into online marketing and watch your business grow.