Rob Rance

CEO & Co-Founder

Amy Driver

CTO, CFO & Co-Founder

Duane Legill


Chad Kennett


Amalia Harvey

Director, Strategic Process

Jeff Baldridge

Custom Programmer

Lee Conine

Director, Custom Programming

Peter Cropper

Account Executive

Robert Curry

Lead Account Coordinator

Dylan Eggemeyer

SEM Specialist

Clint Houghtaling

Web Developer

Matt Dickson

SEO Strategy Manager

Marty Mair

Accounting Assistant

Seth Musgrove

Account Executive

Alex Puckett

Lead Web Developer

Debbie Rance

Social Media Strategist

Luke Summers

Account Executive

Amanda Hall

Senior Social Media Manager

Gracie Jo Self

SEO Writer

Bobby Curry

Associate SEO Strategist

Joshua Schumacher

Web Support Specialist

Shay Parra

Web Developer

Michael-Alan Pressley

Account Executive

Briana Bondon

Account Coordinator

Shelly Miller

Account Coordinator

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