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What’s Killing Your Productivity?

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I’ve sat here all morning trying to come up with a compelling idea for a blog post. I’ve browsed the marketing and advertising magazines’ websites, I’ve looked at online news sources, I’ve even checked Facebook for trending topics. And I’ve gotten distracted.

“Oh, there’s an adorable puppy in Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad this year. Can’t wait to see that!”

“Bill Nye the Science Guy is still as awesome as he was when I was 10.”

“Yikes, that’s a huge storm heading to the East Coast. Ha, our high is 68 on Wednesday. Oh, what a cute profile picture; she looks great! Facial yoga? WTF is facial yoga?”

Soon, I’ve been sucked into the internet’s black hole and have to remind myself that I am, in fact, at work and was in the middle of doing research for, ya know, my job.

Workplace distractions are plentiful, especially when we all have constant access to the diversion machines known as computers, tablets and smartphones. While these devices are a necessary evil, they’re not the only problems preventing workers from doing their jobs.

A June 2014 national survey conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder asked employers what they perceived to be the most distracting and productivity-inhibiting tasks. Here’s how they responded:

DistractedCell phone or texting – 50 percent
Gossip – 42 percent
The internet – 39 percent
Social media – 38 percent
Snack or smoke breaks – 27 percent
Noisy co-workers – 24 percent
Meetings – 23 percent
Email – 23 percent
Co-workers dropping by – 23 percent
Co-workers putting calls on speaker phone – 10 percent

In a 2013 study performed by Harris Interactive for Ask.com, there were a few additions. Respondents reported that working in groups and in cubicles hinder their productivity.

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How to Win the Super Bowl

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No matter the outcome of the game this year, marketing will surely be a big winner, yet again. But the Super Bowl isn’t just for the big boys. Brands of all sizes can get it on the fun – and cash out along the way. You know your customers will be watching the game, so why not take advantage of a valuable marketing opportunity? We’ve got two quick tips for you to do just that.

Get on Social MediaFootball Fans

At TTP, we are always telling you how important social media is. We aren’t lying to you. And one of the golden rules of social media is to keep it relevant. Commenting on the ads and the game, itself, is a great way to connect with your followers, and a timely response is key. In a matter of moments (or days, if you’re lucky), people will move on to the next “big thing.” Remember when Oreo tweeted that photo during the blackout at the Superdome? They did it swiftly and effectively. Every live broadcast event has the potential for marketable moments like that. You wouldn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to get your brand’s name out there.

Run a Promo

Everybody loves a good promotion. Businesses can try running one that works in favor of clients, no matter who wins the game. After all, unless you’re in Seattle or New England, it’s probably not a good idea to alienate any potential customers. Some people get worryingly invested in football teams.

And since you’re getting on social media during the game (riiiiight?), you could even go all-out and create a whole list of promos with an if/then scenario. If the Seahawks win the coin toss, then you get free chips with your sandwich. If the Patriots are the first to score, BLTs are half off. It’ll keep people monitoring your social media pages and get them in the door, come Monday.

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It’s Okay to be Friends with Coworkers (It’s Actually a Good Thing)

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If you’re fans of TTP on Facebook, you know that we like to have fun. We get freaky on Fridays, dress up for holidays and regularly go out to lunch with one another. And this past week, we’ve had two major office-takeover pranks that have lightened the mood and sent the writers on an intense investigation to find the perpetrators. For a lot of us, our coworkers are our friends. And to many, this is very important.

It’s Science


Actual photo of the Writers’ Room’s current state

According to an article published by the American Psychological Association, “research shows that workplace friendships can increase job satisfaction, productivity and job commitment while decreasing stress and turnover.” When you are able to laugh and talk about life outside of work with your colleagues, it becomes easier to talk about life inside of work. Some find it eases the work-life balance when you feel like you can actually enjoy your job and the people that surround you.

Good for You, Good for the Company

When you care about the people you work with, you care about their success. You’re more likely to help a coworker in need when they’re also a friend, because you have more invested in the outcome than it being merely work-related. In short, you see them as people, rather than an autopilot.

Questionable Waters

Some are unsure of the merits of making friends at work and prefer to keep to themselves, rather than risk muddying the waters. However, workplace friendships function at their best when they’re formed on a foundation of honesty and expectations. If you know what you expect from one another and are able to truthfully and effectively communicate that, the friendships can be quite healthy and beneficial to not only you, but the company.

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Why Every Entrepreneur Should Work in Customer Service at Least Once

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Customer service. Everybody hates it, yet everybody needs it (unless, of course, you’ve disavowed all human relations, sworn off technology and ceased communication with the outside world, in which case, how are you reading this?). And yet every single entrepreneur, from the beginners to the more seasoned, should take on a customer service roll at least once in their lives. Being on the front lines, communicating directly with clients, is an invaluable experience for anyone, business owners especially.

It Teaches You PatienceCustomer Service

When you work in customer service, “patience is a virtue” is more than a platitude; it’s a necessary mindset repeated fervently to maintain sanity. You quickly realize how indecisive, inarticulate, and impolite many people can be, notably when put on the spot. When dealing with the worst of the worst, your job quite literally depends on your ability to keep calm and carry on.

It Gives You a Thick Skin

Customer service is an especially valuable experience for people with big ideas but that shut down in the face of criticism. It teaches you that you are not, in fact, stupid or worthless (you totally rock), and that what the person on the other end of the phone or counter thinks about you does not determine your self-worth.

Entrepreneurs face seemingly endless criticism. It’s important to remember that just because one person doesn’t like what you’re doing, doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong.

It Provides Unparalleled Appreciation

You not only recognize the plight of any other customer service representative you encounter in the future, you gain a greater appreciation for your current status. You’ve seen the worst in people, but you’ve also seen some of the best, and you’ve seen the best in yourself. So cheesy, but so true. You’ve moved on to bigger and better things in your life, in part because of what you’ve learned from the people that tested your patience in the past.

Just Do It

Business owners of any size (the business’s size, not yours) should take a day, or even a week, to live in the shoes of their front line. Customer service is so often a thankless job, and you’ll show your employees that you are grateful for what they do every single day (especially if it means you don’t have to do it). As they say, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it. And you should try it sometime.

For more small business tips, browse through our blog or give one of our online marketing specialists a call today at (816) 527-8371. And be nice, please.

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